Don't forget to put the clocks's Spring at last!

March 29, 2019  •  1 Comment

Why does Winter seem to drag on more than any other season. It still hanging on in parts of the UK as we are about to enter British Summertime.

Plenty of signs of Spring out there at the moment. Lots of butterflies which I am going to spend time photographing this year following a purchase of a macro (close-up) lens. I was at Arundel wetlands centre in West Sussex last weekend and saw my first ducklings. Ducks and geese tend to start early than the rest of the birds. I still haven't seen many hares about in courtship yet. Fingers crossed.

Brown hare (Lepus europaeus)Brown hare (Lepus europaeus)Brown hare (Lepus europaeus)
RSPB Otmoor, Oxfordshire.
Hare at RSPB Otmoor, Oxfordshire.

Mallard ducklingsMallard ducklingsMallard ducklings
WWT Slimbridge.
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Mallard ducklings

I managed to get a couple of short visits in at Slimbridge wetlands centre, a few visits to the local reserves at Otmoor & Farmoor in Oxfordshire and a visit to the British wildlife centre. The local red kites are very active around here at the moment. Most of them are soaring high and displaying for potential mates and seeing off unsuitable admirers! One of them spends a lot of time calling from a tree in front of my home. Especially when I've just finished a night shift!!

Great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major)Great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major)Great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major)
Shrike Meadows, Farmoor, Oxon.

Great spotted woodpecker at Farmoor, Oxfordshire.

Jackdaw (Coloeus monedula)Jackdaw (Coloeus monedula)Jackdaw (Coloeus monedula)
WWT Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.
Jackdaw at WWT Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.

European adder (Vipera berus)European adder (Vipera berus)European adder (Vipera berus)
The British Wildlife Centre, Surrey.

Adder at the British wildlife centre, Surrey.

In the next month or two I am looking to visit Bempton Cliifs near Scarborough. A great place for sea birds especially gannets who breed here every year. Just need to keep an eye on the weather. I friend of mine visited there last year and didn't see anything for 2 days due to thick fog. It's a long drive to take pictures of fog! Fingers crossed. 

That's about it for now folks. I hope you've enjoyed my latest photographic exploits. Please continue to upload your photographs to my Photo's Page. There are some great photographs being posted.

More of my images can be viewed on my flickr page.





Barbara Quick(non-registered)
As usual a really great selection of wildlife and great descriptions. Sometimes I see things that quite often appear in my own garden, then other times I see things I have never actually seen in real life and I find that so interesting, One can always learn from your postings. Thank you Steve.
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